Tenament Building & Ownership Flats
Transport Node (T.N.) Zone
Tree Plantation
: Means an independent dwelling unit with a kitchen, or a cooking space.
Tenament Building & Ownership Flats : Means residential building constructed in a semi - detached manner in a building unit, each dwelling unit is being designed and constructed for separate occupation with independent provision of bath, w.c.
Terrace : Terraces shall be free from partitions of any kind and accessible by a common staircase.
Transport Node (T.N.) Zone : See Zonning\Transport Node Zone
Tree Plantation (GDCR For Ahmedabad) : While applying for development permission, at the rate of 1 tree for every 100 Sq. mts. of building unit, shall have to be shown on the site plan/layout plan. The trees shall have to be guarded by the tree guards and shall be maintained.

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