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On Line Property Bazaar :

It is a unique kind of National Level On Line Property Bazaar which provides a common platform to deal in property market for various different types of immovable properties situated in any part of the country. It is a scientifically designed On Line Property Bazaar module which helps people in registering or finding his/her property to the best possible way taking into account all necessary/required minute technical/non technical informations with various user friendly software facilities & all these about at free of cost on line services.

Ahmedabad Property Market :

Provides 'Prevailing Market Rates' for various types of immoveable properties situated in the different parts and around the Ahmedabad City. Basically it is a scientific compilation of informations regarding the prevailing market rates for properties of any category (viz. residential, commercial, industrial, agriculture, warehouse/godown, dumpyard, etc.) having any type (viz. flat/apartment, detached, semi detached, open land, etc.) with or without different types of superstructures thereupon and for any mode of transaction (i.e. sale/purchase/rental, etc.) with general situational merits/demerits and located in different parts of the city classified/categorised and presented in a most logical & simple way.


Provides brief understanding on various topics on byelaws, laws, rules/regulations, enactments, definitions of various terminology & matters related to the field of immovable property / real estate.

Quick Reference

Provides very important & useful Ready References, Handy Information covering various Legal/Statutory/General topics and subjects related to the day to day business/dealings in the Real Estate/ Immovable Property world, collected, compiled and presented in an easy and palatable form.

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