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Ahmedabad Property Rates

Provides 'Prevailing Market Rates for Ahmedabad Real Estate or Property Market' for various types of Immoveable Properties or Real Estates situated in different parts and around the Ahmedabad City. Basically it is a scientific compilation of informations regarding the prevailing market rates for properties of any category (viz. residential, commercial, industrial, agriculture, warehouse/godown, dumpyard, etc.) having any type (viz. flat/apartment, detached, semi detached house or buglow, open land, etc.) with or without different types of superstructures or building thereupon and for any mode of transaction (i.e. sale/purchase/rental or lease) new or old, with general situational merits/demerits and located in different parts of the Ahmedabad city classified/categorised and presented in a most logical & simple way. Useful for Real Estate Developer, Brocker, Agent / Realtor, Property Professionals, Academicians, Government semi Government departments, and for all interested to buy, sell, rent, lease or purchase their new or old properties at Ahmedabad.

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