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Reidentification of immoveable properties mortgaged earlier to Bank/Financial Institution :
These services include finding, locating & reidentifying the property mortgaged earlier to the Bank but difficult to be reidentified by Bank people due to improper recording systems or loss of old records. On request new identification work may be carried out with the help of Global Positioning System (GPS).

Identification/Location Fixing with the help of GPS (Global Positioning System) :
These services include location fixing of immovable properties with the help of GPS (Global Positinong System). Features and Advantages of Identification With Reference To The Global Positioning are as under :

Features :

  1. Provides the Unique Identification Mark for Immovable Property in any part of the World.
  2. Provides Everlasting Solution for Identifying Immovable Property (i.e. remains /stands correct as long as the Earth lasts).
  3. Based on costly Satellite supported Global Positioning System (GPS) run by the US Government.
  4. Reference Co-ordinates (i.e. Lat. / Long.) arrived at are through WAAS capable GPS Receiver.
  5. It is likely that in future (say after around 20 years) Identification Discriptions of an Immovable Property with reference to GPS Co-ordinates will become a standard practice in India. In other words, present attempt with Advance Technology makes the work compatible with future practices.

Advantages :

  1. To meet with the changing needs or for any administrative reasons, at times Revenue/Local Authorities keep on changing the previous/old Identification Marks viz. Revenue Survey No., City Survey No., Ward No., etc., and also reconstitutes the existing revenue boundaries of Villages/Talukas/Districts.
    - GPS Identification Marks remain the same forever.
  2. Change in the surroundings/size/shape of an immovable property makes it difficult to reidentify it visually.
    - GPS can do it in moments.
  3. Identification/reidentification of properties in remote areas has always been difficult.
    - GPS is the perfect Guide for remote areas.
  4. Relocating a piece of land amidst pieces of land 'open' at the time of mortgage and turned built-up/encroached afterwards becomes a difficult task.
    - GPS can do it easily.
    - And many many more.
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