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Special Economic Zone (SEZ)

Our's is a uniq web portal which provides varities of information covering diverse subjects related to the world of Real Estate and Property Market. In order to serve the special needs of all Investors form India or Non Resident Indians (NRIs) from Ahmedabad, Gujarat and India, we have designed this section especially for Industrialists, FII and other Investor taking into account their requirements, suitability aspects and difficulties likely to come across when they go for an industrial investment or a business deal in India and all about their FAQs. Along with its usefulness in the field of Real Estate related subjects, we hope FII and Industrialists will find it useful for various general issues also. Provides very important & useful Ready References, Handy Information covering various Legal/Statutory/General topics and subjects related to SEZ in the Real Estate/ Immovable Property world, collected, compiled and presented in an easy and palatable form.

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